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Consigliere Group special operations group Welcome About us

We are a young, dynamic and creative team that is formed of people from different business sectors according to the portfolio of offered services, who have decided to combine what up to now they have gained in the scope of professional activity. The result of their mutual effort is Consigliere Group.

The purpose of the company is to approach everyone who needs what we offer irrespective of the fact whether the commercial plans are directed from abroad to Slovakia or they are only in Slovakia. Whoever needs our service is our partner.

The specialists in sections representing the core business of the company constitute the basis of the company and they are supplemented by independent external working groups.

What is our vision?

„To be a successful company, which is capable of changing customers‘ visions in reality by means of proposed solutions and highest-quality provided services, whereas the success for the consortium means symbiosis of interests and satisfaction of clients, suppliers and Consigliere Group.“

“We offer an unique solutions  for an unique clients”

The added value for our customers is providing comfortable and complex solutions under „all inclusive“ services - prepared, customized and realized with respect to individual demands and specifics of every client, because every client of ours is unique and needs individual approach.

Why you should contact us?

We are able to declare the quality level of Consigliere Group services by many recommendations of our satisfied clients - governmental institutions, private enterprises and individuals - non-entrepreneurs, just as by number of acquired licenses, certificates & diplomas.

How we declare the quality of our services? Welcome to the site of consortium Consigliere Group! The main strategy of Consigliere  Group is to take all its own  abilities and knowledge as tools  for help to others - to be Your right hand! Consigliere Group logo JUDr. Dávid Fedorko,       general director